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A Fate of Gods


Cyclops Ken hefted his weapon. It was a good piece of wood with a big sharp tip. A spear. At first glance, it was clear that it could pierce everything. These filmmakers really did their work properly. Real rocks, no fake snow or windstorm made by just one fan.

It was worth it. Finally, after all these years he got an opportunity.

Every career must end someday and his life as a wrestler wasn’t exactly spectacular. Before his injury he was known as Golem of Prague, then Pyrenean Giant, and Lubber Jake. Arena needed a really big evil guy and he with his two meters and twenty centimeters was ideal for this. When he lost his eye, his manager got an idea and Cyclops Ken was born. It was better, but not that much.

He was no Hulk Hogan or Mr. T, but still, he had enough popularity and was lured by the silver screen. One thing that he did his entire life – entertain people. However, he never got an offer. When suddenly this.

They were from Europe, but a contract was more than acceptable and seemed like some Hollywood studio. Together with other actors, he went through months of training, where he learned how to properly use old weapons. It was some kind of narrative fantastic movie, and everything had to look like it really happened. Yes, it will be hard, but his salary was good enough motivation.

And hard it really was. He led hundreds of extras through snowy plains. Final scene. As soon as a giant ship showed itself on the horizon, the director shouted: ACTION!

It looks good, though Ken. All these special effects are so lifelike, a giant serpent, masks of monsters, a storm. This won’t be any stupid farce; many millions were spent on this. That creature, that I killed a moment ago, or the blood of these demon-like monsters, everything looks so real.

Nobody shouted STOP, so I must be doing well. This is it, the end. The director told me that when a giant monster shows itself, it is necessary for me to immediately set forth. No stalling, no avoiding.

Here it is. A great model; how do they even operate this giant wolf? His wide-open jaw looks like it touches the sky.

Ken suddenly felt fear. He swiftly looked around. Nobody was here.

Not the even old director in black glasses that he always had on, nor the one-handed producer. Even the grumpy cameraman was gone.

That monster runs straight towards him, jumping over the dead bodies, roars, and pants. Ken must focus on the scene; it’s not the first time, but for the first time he was scared.

Whatever, it’s just a movie.

He prepared his spear and moved towards the wolf and –

He stopped. The model of the wolf also stopped. The terrible stench from his open mouth made Ken question if it even was a machine.

Something told him, somewhere deep inside his head, that now is the time to act, to leave behind fear and self-preservation instincts. He felt like the director was talking to him, telling him that he must go forward, to the beast’s mouth. It was his fate, and he couldn’t argue with it.

But why?


The wolf moved and his jaws swiftly closed themselves. The wrestler didn’t have enough time to prepare his spear to fight. He hadn’t heard the victorious howl that soon changed into the painful whimper when the sword pierced the wolf’s body.

He hadn’t even noticed flaming walls that rolled from every side. Nobody shouted STOP.

The fire was engulfing everything, the dead bodies, the battleground, the entire universe.

For a moment the world was lost into nothingness, only to be later found, without fire and empty. Quiet, calm, abandoned, waiting.

Earth opened itself and from the depths came a man, who had to close his eyes for a while, because he hadn’t seen light for a long time in the world of goddess Hel. However, there was no Underworld, nothing that Baldr knew.

With sorrow, he looked around the new world. He won’t see them again. The past was long forgotten, it was filled and now is the time of new gods. Soon they will arrive.

I can hear them now.

Shadowy figures showed themselves as a drop of sweat. Soon they began to slowly take form.

Baldr went towards them. What will they be like?

Children of my friends.

I’ve never seen them.

Their voices were familiar.

The last of the old gods suddenly stopped and listened to them for a while. He was losing confidence.

It shouldn’t be like this.

“Are you all here?”

“Yes. But I still think we should’ve stayed there. It was expected of us.”

“You never were the bright one, Thor. What use would it have?”

“We let people fight for us,” said the hulk half angry and half filled with wonder.

“You must say that they fought well. Nonetheless, it was their fault. I will show them Ragnarok,” grit one-eyed god, “I am the highest god, and no human would order me to be eaten by an oversized dog.”

“A wolf, father,” corrected Vidar cautiously, “Fenrir was a wolf. The dog should kill Tyr over there.”

Odin just waved his hand stretched himself and closed his only eye.

Finally, why should I be a god if I wouldn’t be able to create my own world?

In particular, if it is for eternity.


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"Things just happen. What the hell."
* Terry Pratchett. Hogfather


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