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A Haunted House


Dear Julia,


I welcomed your recommendation of that estate agency in good faith. I hoped that after years I could finally find appropriate housing.

They sold me a house that looked great at first glance. Quiet part of the town, historic but not that much so there aren’t many tourists and souvenir shops. Magnificent silence, perfect construction work, exactly what you described. Nothing prevented me from signing, however, the fact that they disappeared without saying goodbye as soon as they took my money should tell me that something is not right here. Truth be said the small one muttered something, but it could be anything. I wasn’t paying attention to them. I enjoyed my new home.

The first evening I had been feeling that I hear some noises. Normally I would dismiss it, thinking that it has to be neighbors, however, these sounds came from the adjacent room. I think I know why you were selling this house, even though these things could start after you were here for the last time, without you knowing anything.

This house is haunted.

I heard stories about moving furniture, but there was no reason to believe them. At least until I tripped over a bench that mysteriously moved from the hall to the smaller bedroom.

It didn’t end here.

Yesterday something happened to the doors. The hinges stopped squeaking. I was sure that sound I heard came from that big room filled with modern stuff.

I haven’t seen anyone.

I’m getting suspicious.

Excuse my writing. I’m trying to write this from memory because someone stole my head.

I don’t believe that this house is abandoned, as you told me, and as those damned goblins from the agency tried to convince me.

There have to be humans during the day!


Sincerely yours,

now definitely headless

Sir Radcliffe Mingeworthy


© 2010





"Things just happen. What the hell."
* Terry Pratchett. Hogfather


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