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Beware of Thelogy


“Even your grandfather, Chaplainix, as a proper Celt, knew that there are some threats to our existence,” said chieftain Conquiscadorix to young field druid, with sorrow in his voice. “He also said that even if pagan fetishes are only pseudophillosophy, when we are on visit, be it conquering or not, we have to respect their traditions. Truth be told, he was one of those who pulled beards of Roman’s Elderly, but there was no danger there.”

Chieftain stopped for a moment and remember old times, when battles were more victorious, conquered towns richer and their women more compliant. He knew why. He was young then.

Everything went right at the start of current expedition of a Celtic clan to the Africa. They passed Hispania, sailed between the Pillars of Hercules and landed at the base of a mountain. Spacious Sahara was the only thing that stood in their way. And in the distance – Carthage!

But they were stuck here, next to the hunched giant. His existence was pain for a young priest, who was their connection to Belenos, Taranis and other honoured gods. As every missionary would do, he wanted to convert natives to the right religion. Fake fetishes, infidels, stories of mad men, nonsenses and delusions, this words and many other were spewed in choleric rage and found their way to the ears somewhere in the clouds. The giant’s forehead was wrinkled as he thought.

Conquiscadorix, who was worried over the absence of the priest, had strength only to say one resigned comment.

“If we, for all gods sake, believe, that Heaven can fall on our head, it is unwise to persuade man who is obviously physically holding it on his own shoulders, that he is only mere creation of superstitious people. Is it that hard to understand?”

It was not.

But it was too late.

Titan Atlas, once the leader of the defeated army of Kronos in the battle of the throne of Greek gods, now sentenced to support the weight of Heaven, was moved by what Chaplainix said, thus he decided to not believe in himself.

First thing he did was laying aside his burden on the ground.


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"Things just happen. What the hell."
* Terry Pratchett. Hogfather


Welcome to my world. For the longest time I couldn’t think of right name for this place, so I left it without one. Amongst things you can find here are attempts of science fiction and fantasy stories, my collection of gods, bogeymen and monsters and also articles about things that had me interested, be it for a while or for years. (There is more of this, sadly not in English but in Czech, on www.fext.cz)



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