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This sea creature, described as a five-horned bull, dates back to the seventh century. Or rather, it's mentioned in Fredegar's Chronicle, written at that time. But it is no mere bovine with a penchant for wet environments, but, as befits a proper aquatic monster, beef combined with fish. And it is not just any cattle, but the one with a lineage going back to Neptune, the god of the seas.

According to occultists and some mythologists, the quinotaur's origins must be traced back to ancient Indo-European common history. They mention the well-known Greek legend in which Zeus kidnapped the beautiful Europa in the form of a bull. The Quinotaur was supposed to have attacked and abused Chlodio's wife and thus to have taken care of the successive line of Merovingian kings. It's rather reminiscent of the Cretan origin story of the Minotaur. It was to the said island that Zeus sailed with Europa, and there she later gave birth to Minos, who took Pasiphae as his wife ... Well-known story. Well... should be. It seems (similar myths can be found in Mesopotamia) that we are on the trail of an ancient tradition, dating from the earliest cultures to the early Middle Ages.

Or did the educated Frank, eager to give his king the right (albeit pagan) proof of the noble and legendary origins of the family, take inspiration from the ancient authors?


Quinotaur in action was drawn by Roberto frison, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Amrum, one of the Frisian islands, is not only inhabited by people. It is also home to the Undergrounders, goblins who can sometimes be seen dancing in the moonlight. They don't behave particularly dangerously, but when some fellow once decided to dig his way into their homes and started digging in the hill they lived in, he was scared away from his intention in the same way that ghost of Letna scared away a cobbler from Prague´s Malá Strana from his treasure hunt. Both men as they straightened up to take a moment's rest from digging, saw their own houses in flames.

The Prague shoemaker and the Frisian miscreant immediately dropped everything and rushed home in terror - only to find that it was all an illusion. Both the Central European shoemaker (who, reassured, returned to Letná to continue his search for the treasure, but found no trace of his previous activity) and his northern counterpart eventually understood the warning and preferred to mind their own business.

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Mc Gilligan

A certain  headless horseman, a man named McGilligan, became headless truly in headless way. He rode his steed with such speed and such a passion for riding that he overlooked a branch growing in the collision course.

The wood won.

Since then, this representative of the classic style among headless horsemen has been riding around Dumfries Priory in southern Scotland, where the incident took place, being witnessed, for example, by Norwegian soldiers stationed in Dumfries during the World War II.

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Water Leaper or, if you like, Llamhigyn Y Dwr

is another of the myriad water creatures. It is well known to Welsh fishermen, for whom this creature in the form of a tailed and winged frog lurks in the local lakes.

Although most observers describe its tail as snake-like, there are those who (apparently from hearsay) claim that Llamhigyn Y Dwr looks like a bat and its range is the Irish Sea.

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When lightning strikes cattle in a storm, the Zulus say: Well, uKqili is hungry, and he chose our place. There's nothing we can do about it.

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"Things just happen. What the hell."
* Terry Pratchett. Hogfather


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