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Near the Finish Line

Just a little bit further. Six steps, five, four and a half!
This is the place where I dropped it last time.
Quarter of a step and there is the mark I made … wait a moment … nine hundred and seventy-four attempts ago. I could even break the record in the last … maybe even the highest record ever, but who knows, I wasn’t making marks before.

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Being of the Month


Soldiers keep her picture under their helmets, though no one really knows how this Japanese goddess actually looks. Which does not prevent people from inventing it: She often has six hands, three heads (to see in all directions), and riding seven boars. She also has a sword, a bow and arrows.

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Sherlockiana: Police Officers

Even though Holmes became the patron of all literary detectives that came after him, he didn't consider himself as one. He thought of himself as a higher form of a sleuth.

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Quote of the Month

”Who cares, anyhow?"
"I do!" cried the young man, interrupting his sobs to roll over, face upward, that he might see who had spoken. "I care, for my heart is broken!"
"Can't you get another one?"

— L.Frank Baum. Scarecrow of Oz

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How to Properly Feed a Demon

How to Properly Feed a Demon

Twenty-five short short stories for short short breaks. Starring aliens and people, gods as well as demons.


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"Things just happen. What the hell."
* Terry Pratchett. Hogfather


Welcome to my world. For the longest time I couldn’t think of right name for this place, so I left it without one. Amongst things you can find here are attempts of science fiction and fantasy stories, my collection of gods, bogeymen and monsters and also articles about things that had me interested, be it for a while or for years. (There is more of this, sadly not in English but in Czech, on



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