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"You're not listening to again, honey. For the two hundred and thirty-seventh time – sorry, two hundred and thirty-sixth time, because on the twenty-thirteenth of July, at nine o'clock and four minutes, instead of paying attention to your dear wife, you were watching that stupid TV show with the weirdo who keeps going on about aliens taking on various forms to subtly occupy us – I'm telling you that humans don't have eidetic memories!"


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"Things just happen. What the hell."
* Terry Pratchett. Hogfather


Welcome to my world. For the longest time I couldn’t think of right name for this place, so I left it without one. Amongst things you can find here are attempts of science fiction and fantasy stories, my collection of gods, bogeymen and monsters and also articles about things that had me interested, be it for a while or for years. (There is more of this, sadly not in English but in Czech, on www.fext.cz)



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